A Decade of Indigo6

Over the course of ten years we have been fortunate to work with some great brands and to produce work that we are extremely proud of.

When we started out, we worked hard create a new type of agency. We wanted to create communications that had value to consumers. We wanted to develop our craft instead of managing teams. We provided our clients with experienced marketers, technologists and designers that were actively involved in every engagement. We invested in technology and toys. We tried new things.

Our investment in photography and film services stemmed from an early belief that the importance of the website as a destination would diminish as content became more portable. Soon, our clients marketing plans were weighted heavily in favor or earned and owned media and social media became a key channel for increasing reach, frequency and building advocacy. Later this approach became know as “content marketing”. Our commitment to craft provides our clients with amazing assets that can be leveraged across channels to create campaigns and valuable content for social media.

Thank you to our clients and friends for your ongoing support. We’re excited about what the next nine years will bring.